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Honey Powder

Honey Powder
Product name : Honey Powder
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Honey Powder (50%/100%)
Bees make honey from the nectar they sip from flower blossoms. A long and tedious process is required to transform nectar into the thick, golden substance we call honey. Like each product produced by the honeybee, painstaking care and a number of intricate steps are essential to create this beehive food. Honey Powder is a kind of white solid powder that made from quality honey processed after many procedures. It is convenient to transport and can be used diffusely.
Appearance :White Powder 
Moisture :  5.0%MAX. 
Used Carrier :  Maltodextrin 50% MAX.
Reducing Sugar :50%MIN. 
Sucrose  : 5%MAX. 
HMF:  40 ppm MAX. 
Total Aerobic Plate Count :NMT. 1000 cfu/g
Mold & Yeast :NMT. 50 cfu/g 
Coliform & Pathogen :Negative
Standard packaging available in 5kg×5bags, Aluminum Plastic Bags per paper drums.
Other packaging size is available by special request.